What is harp therapy?

Harp therapy is therapeutic music service provided for the patient by a trained healthcare musician. The patient is not required to interact with the therapist, nor are there any specific goals for the patient. Patients may benefit from harp therapy whether awake and alert, sleeping, or even in a coma state.

Harp therapy music may be played at the patient bedside and / or wherever the patient is located in the facility or home.

The harp therapist provides music which is customized and adapted to the unique status, needs and condition of each patient. The music is tailored to support the needs of the patient and to assist the patient healing process.

Techniques and tools utilized by the harp therapist will include adapting rhythm, tempo, melodic and harmonic structure and complexity, pulse, range and texture to best suit the unique and special needs of the patient.

The harp therapist , in addition to possessing musical skills, has been trained to bring basic medical knowledge, ethics, confidentiality, protocols, procedures, respect for and cooperation with the patient’s medical team to each place of service.