Harp therapy is a wonderful adjunct therapy in the healing process. Harp therapy adds an extra dimension to treatments offered by doctors, nurses, clinicians, therapists and other medical professionals and caregivers dedicated to the healing  process.

The beautiful sounds of the harp affect the body , mind, emotion and spirit of the patient and enhances patient healing in a medical setting.

Harp therapy:

  • May induce relaxation and stress relief
  • May result in the normalization of measured heart, blood pressure and respiration rates
  • May enhance oxygen absorption
  • May assist in pain and anxiety reduction and /or abatement
  • May provide distraction from distressing sounds of medical settings and medical devices.
  • May induce deep relaxation and sleep.
  • May result in elevated patient mood and morale.
  • May assist chemotherapy patients to relax , experience less nausea and other unpleasant side effects of medicinal therapy.
  • May  assist in mental /neurological   stimulation of patient.
  • May help neo natal patients relax and regulate heart and lung functions. May help with neurological stimulation of neo nates.
  • May allow a lowering of opioid medication in hospice settings, allowing  the patient to remain alert and interactive with loved ones  and caregivers longer ,thereby enhancing  quality of life.
  • May reduce stress levels in those attending to the patient: medical staff, caregivers and family providing a peaceful and beneficial environment for healing or for those experiencing the transition process.
  • May assist in positive behavior modification and outcomes for those in need.